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XT-YAD Mid-Speed Laminating Machine

XT-YAD Mid-Speed Laminating Machine
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synchronous control with imported frequency conversion double motor, material unwinding frame is equipped with photoelectric automatic rectification control system and electric control hot block.

1. The configuration of medium and low-grade composite machine is adopted: fabric unwinding, bottom material unwinding, magnetic powder automatic tension control system, and composite film unwinding adopts frequency conversion motor
2. Meter counter, composite speed and tension display automatically.

3. Apply glue and compound, and use three motors for winding synchronously.

4. Single station receiving and discharging

5. Integrated design of electricity, light and gas with perfect safety protection function

6. The independent motor drives the coating roller, and the coating roller automatically switches between synchronous and step-by-step working state, which completely solves the big problem that the main machine stops running in the step-by-step control of the compound machine, causing the glue to dry up and blocking the mesh of the coating roller
7. Arch oven, bottom open, exit belt correction of drying channel
8. The coiler is equipped with a water-cooling device, and the water-cooling roller is φ 160mm

Model YAD-800A YAD-1100A
laminating layers 2  layer 2 layer
laminating width 800mm 1100mm
diameter of feedable material 600mm 600mm
adjustable linear velocity of lamination 80-120m/min 80-120 m/min
max.adjustable temp of oven 80℃ 80 ℃
max.adjustable temp.of thermal drum 70℃ 70 ℃
power 50kw 55kw
weight 4000kg 4500kg
overall dimensions(L × W × H) 7000 × 1400 × 2700mm 7000 × 1700 × 2700mm

Main Processing Materials

OPP  BOPP  CPP   20-70um

PET  NY            12-60um

Paper                30-80g/㎡

Range Of Application