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Bopp Tape Coating Machine

Bopp Tape Coating Machine
Product Details

Coating mode

Straight-scraping transfer coating type


Performance and Technical parameters

1. Coating width 800-1600mm

2. Mechanical speed 0-80m/min

3. Max. unwind diameter 800mm

4. Max. rewind diameter 800mm

5. Winder core 3” ( Φ76.4mm)

6. Cementing Amount 0.01-0.025 mm

7. Heating mode Electrical heating

8. Temperature control Ambient temperature to 150℃±2℃

9. Rolling edge evenness Tolerance ±1.5mm

10. Coating Evenness ≦0.0015mm ( dry glue)

11. Mechanical electrical total power 245KW

12. Oven type Arch bridge

This machine currently in our warehouse is on producing, which is for single side paper tape coating.

Main Processing Materials

Main raw materials

Base material: BOPP

Glue: water glue

Range Of Application